On-going Training Programmes

Dr. Nimal Abesiriwardena  MBBS, MBA, MSc (Medical Administration)


Dr. K.D.A. Ruwan Ferdinando  MBBS, MSc (Com.Med.), MD(Com.Med.), MBCS, MA , Adv. Dip. (Psychology),

Adv. Dip. (Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy), Consultant Community Physician

Deputy Director(Training)


Dr. Sumal Nandasena MBBS, MSc (Com.Med.) MD (Com.Med.) Consultant Community Physician

Deputy Director(Field Services)     



Dr.Roshan Jayasuriya MBBS, Dip (Micro Biology) MD (Medical Microbiology)

Consultant Microbiologist

Dr. Lakmini Magodarathna MBBS, MSc (Com.Med.) MD (Com.Med.) Consultant Community Physician.

Dr. S.H.P.de Silva MBBS. MSc (Com.Med.), MD (Com.Med.) Consultant Community Physician

Dr. L.I. Malwwnna MBBS, MSc (Community Medicine) MD (Com.Med.) Consultant Community Physician.

Dr. W.M.P.A. Fernando MBBS, MSc (Com.Med.), Registrar in Community Medicine

Dr. Samantha Ramachandra  MBBS, MSc (Com.Med.), Registrar in Community Medicine

Dr. K.L. Wijesekera  MBBS, MSc (Com.Med.)

Dr. R. Priyananda  MBBS, PgCert (Medical Education)

Dr. D.V.T.Y. Kulatunga MD (USSR)

Dr. W.K.P.C. Fernando  MBBS

Dr. B.E.H. Liyanage MBBS

Dr. E.G.D.N.Suraweera MBBS


 Mr. P. Saliya C.K. de Silva Dip. in Public Health

Principal: School of PHI 

Mr. D.D. Nimal Karunarathne  Dip. Public Health

Public Health Tutor

Mr. L.P.W.N. Pathirage Dip. in Public Health

Public Health Inspector

 Mr. R.M.D. Danapala  B.Sc, M Sc, PGD Education, Dip Medical Laboratory Technology

Principal: MLT School

Mrs. N.Y.R. Fernando  Dip. Medical Laboratory Science (SLMC), Dip. in Educational Science

Senior MLT Tutor

Ms. W.T.D.T. Dayani  Dip. Medical Laboratory Science (SLMC), Dip. in Educational Science, Dip. in Micro

MLT Tutor

Mrs. W.G.N. Udayangani  B.Sc (Agriculture), Dip. Medical Laboratory Science (SLMC), Dip. in Educational Science

MLT Tutor

Mr. M.R.M. Hamza Dip. Medical Laboratory Science (SLMC)

MLT Tutor

Mr. C.P.A. Arachchi B. Medical Laboratory Sciences Dip. Medical Laboratory Science (SLMC)

MLT Tutor

Mrs. U. G. D. M. Kariyawasam  Dip. Medical Laboratory Science

MLT Demonstrator

 Mr. H.A.D.W. Nidangoda Certificate of proficiency (CMCC)

Pharmacy Tutor

Mrs. U.D. Jayanthi Perera  Certificate of proficiency (CMCC)

Pharmacy Tutor

Mr. G.T.G.K. Kumara  Certificate of proficiency (CMCC), Diploma in Pharmacy (MOH)

Pharmacy Tutor

Mr. Y.R.K. De. Silva  BLE (SP), Dip. HP, Dip. Public Health Laboratory

PHLT Tutor

Mr. G.R.S. Rajapaksha Dip. in PH (MOH) B Pharma (USJP)


 Mrs. M.R.C. De Silva  RN, RM, Dip. Public Health Nursing, Dip .Tutor (P.H.),

Public Health Nursing Tutor - Special Grade

Ms. P.D. Kusumalatha  RN,RM, Dip. Public Health Nursing,  Dip .Tutor (P.H)  BSc Nursing,

Public Health Nursing Tutor

 R .J.Sinhabahu  Dip. in Public Health

Supervising Public Health Inspector

Mrs.K.A.S.Perera  RN, RM, Dip.Public Health Nursing,

Regional Supervising Public Health Nursing Officer

M.A.V.C. Amarasena  BA, MA.

Community Health Social Service Work Officer

Ongoing Research Projects

Staff of the NIHS involves with several ongoing research projects. Click here to download the list of research projects that the staff of the NIHS involved. 

Research Publications

National and international scientific presentations and the scientific publications of the academic staff of the NIHS. 

NIHS News Letter

Planing and Information Unit of the NIHS publishes quarterly news letter. Download the latest news letter. 

News Letter 2013 February

News Letter 2013 September           

Code of Conduct for Trainees

All trainees attend the training programmes of NIHS are expected to follow the Code of Conduct of NIHS. Download the Code of Conduct here. 

Prospectus for Training Programmes

Click here to download the prospectus of training programmes


Dr. Nimal Abesiriwardena

Tel: +94 34 2226319

Fax: +94 34 2226319

Deputy Director (Training)
Dr. Ruwan Ferdinando
Tel: +94 34 2222659 
Fax: + 94 34 2222659

Deputy Director (Field Services)

Dr. Sumal Nandasena
Tel: +94 34 2222682
Fax: +94 34 2222682
Tel: +94 34 2222220
Administrative Officer
Tel: +94 34  3306729
MOH Office - Kalutara
Tel: +94 34 2229446
MOH Office - Beruwala
Tel: +94 34 2270276
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