On-going Training Programmes


The National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS) is the premier public health institute in Sri Lanka. The origin of the Institute dates back to 1st July, 1926, when the first health unit in the South East Asia was established in Kalutara. In 1966 the health unit was upgraded to the ‘Institute of Hygiene’, later in 1979 developed as the National Institute of Health Sciences.

In keeping with the mission and objectives of the National Institute of Health Sciences steps were taken to develop selected health manpower for the provision of health care in Sri Lanka while providing primary health care services to a population of about 300,000 living in the field practice area under NIHS.

Development of Health manpower for Primary Health Care (PHC) programmes in Sri Lanka is the primary function of NIHS. Several basic and in-service training programmes were conducted during the year 2011 in order to achieve this objective.

Strength of NIHS in doing these programmes was due to the dedicated faculty staff and the availability of its’ own field practice area.

In addition to the usual national level public health training, NIHS is catering to selected international training programmes specially targeting SARRC countries. 

With this national and international experience, the NIHS has taken initiatives in achieving the state of WHO collaborating centre in the near future.

In addition to the funding by the state, the inputs and financial assistance extended by the donor agencies such as WHO, UNFPA and GAVI have immensely contributed to the performance of the NIHS.

Objective of the NIHS


To develop health manpower in Sri Lanka and to advise the Ministry of Health in its policy relating to health manpower development.


To co-ordinate health manpower development activities in Sri Lanka between the education and other health services agencies.


To initiate and undertake training programmes for members of the PHC team with a view to multidisciplinary approach to training.


To initiate and undertake continuing education of the PHC staff.


To provide primary health care services to the community in the field practice area of the NIHS namely Kalutara and Beruwala.


To conduct health research and research on human resource management and provide advocacy on health system research for the health workers. 



Ongoing Research Projects

Staff of the NIHS involves with several ongoing research projects. Click here to download the list of research projects that the staff of the NIHS involved. 

Research Publications

National and international scientific presentations and the scientific publications of the academic staff of the NIHS. 

NIHS News Letter

Planing and Information Unit of the NIHS publishes quarterly news letter. Download the latest news letter. 

News Letter 2013 February

News Letter 2013 September           

Code of Conduct for Trainees

All trainees attend the training programmes of NIHS are expected to follow the Code of Conduct of NIHS. Download the Code of Conduct here. 

Prospectus for Training Programmes

Click here to download the prospectus of training programmes


Dr. Nimal Abesiriwardena

Tel: +94 34 2226319

Fax: +94 34 2226319

Deputy Director (Training)
Dr. Ruwan Ferdinando
Tel: +94 34 2222659 
Fax: + 94 34 2222659

Deputy Director (Field Services)

Dr. Sumal Nandasena
Tel: +94 34 2222682
Fax: +94 34 2222682
Tel: +94 34 2222220
Administrative Officer
Tel: +94 34  3306729
MOH Office - Kalutara
Tel: +94 34 2229446
MOH Office - Beruwala
Tel: +94 34 2270276
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