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Training Course in International Classification Diseases 10th Revision (ICD-10)

Clinical coding of mortality and morbidity data is one of the major tasks of health ministries, hospitals and national statistical data collectors. Coded mortality and morbidity data are used at facility, provincial, national and international levels to describe health status. Coded data describe reasons for hospital and clinic attendance, major causes of death and help to identify potential prevention and public health strategies. These data provide a basis for decision making, health care planning, resource allocation and management of health services. This course is conducted with the objective of improving the knowledge and skills of the participants in ICD morbidity and mortality coding. This will inculcate positive attitudes among trainees towards quality of coded data.

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Ongoing Research Projects

Staff of the NIHS involves with several ongoing research projects. Click here to download the list of research projects that the staff of the NIHS involved. 

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National and international scientific presentations and the scientific publications of the academic staff of the NIHS. 

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Code of Conduct for Trainees

All trainees attend the training programmes of NIHS are expected to follow the Code of Conduct of NIHS. Download the Code of Conduct here. 

Prospectus for Training Programmes

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